About Us

...whatever you want to be, you can be...

MADAMADORÉ is a Italian musical band formed in 2010. The name comes from a song by Fabrizio De Andrè (Volta la Carta). Its style combines Rock/Pop music and a bit of Progressive without forgetting the italian classical songwriting style.

The project is the brainchild of Andrea Caprara (Voice, Acoustic Guitar), Adamo Fratarcangeli (Keyboards, Voice) and Enrico Mattei (Drums). Later, Alessandro D'Aversa (Bass Guitar), Alexandre Scarsella (Guitar) and Simone Diamanti (Guitar) joined the band. In the 2012 Francesco D'Aversa took over on guitar instead of Alexandre.


The initial intention was to bring the italian music into the streets and premises of Italy, achieving resounding success in the years of activity after the foundation. The project changed in 2012 when the first single, titled "Resoconto" was recorded. The latter was edited by Giovanni Valle publishers and included in a promo compilation destined to the Argentinian market. The single is today the best selling one of the compilation. This success pushed the band to write and record an entire Home-Produced album called "Il Viaggio" that will be released in 2016. It is a concept album of 9 unreleased tracks which tells the story of the transition from being a teenager to being a man by using the journey as a metaphore. Nowadays the band is also engaged in its first tour called "Il Viaggio Tour" carrying its work around the streets.