Adamo Fratarcangeli

Keyboards - Voice

Adamo Fratarcangeli was born in Frosinone (Italy) on the 7th of June, 1991.

Adamo is a versatile musician skilled on several instruments. He started studying Violin and Piano when he was very young, he was followed by "Maestro" Stefano Reali (Violin) and "Maestro" Marco Paniccia (Piano). Later he continued his studies at the music Academy "Licinio Refice" in Frosinone (under the supervision of "Maestro" Marco Domini) in which he will graduate in 2016. At the same time he took modern singing lessons with "Maestro" Annamaria Di Mezza at the music school "FAMOUS" in Arce (Frosinone, Italy), where he had also the possibility to take part in the collective music course held by "Maestro" Roberto Celio and the piano improvisation course held by "Maestro" Francesco Carlesi. During his artistic career, he showed to be talented also in acting. Indeed he had a role in a lot of Musical Covers, of which, to refer to, the ones organized by "Maestro" Augusto Colasanti: "Pinocchio - il grande musical dei Pooh", "Notre Dame de Paris" and "Giulietta e Romeo" by Riccardo Cocciante. Not less important was the collaboration in the musical "Fuoco", produced by the "Aedo Studio" with the direction of Oreste Capoccia, in which Adamo had the role of actor, musician and soundtrack composer. In 2010 he founded the band "MADAMADORÉ" with songwriter Andrea Caprara and drum player Enrico Mattei.

In parallel he also worked at the discographic project of the band "Quelli di Anarres", a folk-rock band also founded in Frosinone (Italy), with which he recorded the album "La Donna, la Taverna, il Dado" in 2015. His abilities in playing different instruments are requested a lot among local bands, in 2015 he took part in a tour in Ireland with an italian famous traditional music band called "Radici Popolari". Thanks to his aptitude also for the classic music, he played with a lot of italian orchestra. Amongst the many, to refer to, the "Orchestra Giovanile" of Rome directed by "Maestro" Vincenzo Di Benedetto, with which Adamo partecipated as a violinst in various international festivals: "The international festival of Alicante" (SPAIN) and the "Eurochestries" by Charente-Maritime (France). With the same orchestra he played twice in the italian tour of "Il Volo", another famous band in Italy. At the end of 2015 he played along with other two components of MADAMADORÉ (Francesco D'Aversa, Alessandro D'Aversa) with Marco Masini in Rome at the gathering of Masini's fans club.

The 2016 will be out the first MADAMADORÉ's album entitled "Il Viaggio" to whom he actively partecipated at the making.