Andrea Caprara


Andrea Caprara was born in Frosinone (Italy) on the 21th in October of 1985.

He started his artistic career in 1998 when he debutted in a music bands contest during the inauguration of a big shopping center in Frosinone. Fell in love with the italian songwriting style, he started playing acoustic guitar and the piano when he was 14. He wrote his first song "Un Deserto, un Cavallo, una Scala" at the age of 15. His legends are Fabrizio De Andrè, Francesco De Gregori, Francesco Guccini and most of all Claudio Baglioni. The literature from the roman songwriter is his main influence.

After jumping among various band and live exibitions, he entered in a project called "Angel". A tour of live concerts organized by Giampiero Turco with the collaboration of the "Papa Friends", doing everything in honour of Papa Giovanni Paolo II. Sixty young musicians from whole Europe, hung around with the famous band "ERA" and the singer "Corona", with the special partecipation of Steve Hackett, the storic guitarist of "GENESIS".

In 2009/2010, with the collaboration of Emiliano Leone and his ex-band  "CARBOSCHISOLO", Andrea organized "BROTHERS", a two-days event in which more than forty band played live for charity. In 2010 he founded "MADAMADORÉ", with whom he recorded a song called "Resoconto" (2012), and an entire album of unreleased songs called "Il Viaggio" (2016). In 2013 he was awarded in Rome by "Kronos" academy during the international festival "Un Bosco per Kyoto" for the song "Resoconto".

In 2016 will be out the first MADAMADORÉ's album entitled "Il Viaggio" to whom he actively partecipated during production process.