Enrico Mattei


Enrico Mattei was born in Frosinone (Italy) on the 29th in April of 1990.

He started playing drums in 2005 when he was 15, and right away he founded a rock band called "LED" with which he moved his first steps into the music world.

LED was formed by three friends of him: Lorenzo Viglianti (Guitar), Dario Palladino (Bass Guitar, Voice) and Francesco D'Aversa (Guitar, Voice. current guitarist at "MADAMADORÉ"). He took drums lessons from teacher Azeglio Izzizzari at the school music "SONORIA" in Castelliri (Frosinone, Italy). Thanks to that school he partecipated to various drum clinics and seminaries and he met a lot of international Jazz/Rock drummers, like: Claudio Mastracci, a famous italian drum player, teacher at Saint Louis College of music, he has collaborations with italian and international famous artists; Horacio Hernandez "El Negro", internationally renowned drum player, well-known principally for had played with Carlos Santana.

In the following years Enrico continued his music travel by playing with different band around his country. In the 2009 he met Andrea Caprara and Adamo Fratarcangeli, with whom he started a new band project called "MADAMADORÉ".

The 2016 will be out the first MADAMADORÉ's album entitled "Il Viaggio" to whom he provided his drums expertise.