Francesco D'Aversa


Francesco d'Aversa was born in Frosinone, on the 9th December of 1992. 

His first contact with guitar was in 2002, when he was 10, when he started to study Classic Guitar under the teaching of "Maestro"  M.Faustini. After this period, he feels the need to expand his musical knowledge and style. So, in 2006, he enrolls in the Modern Guitar course at "Sonoria" music school in Castelliri (FR), under "Maestro" Massimo Izzizzari, famous italian Rock/Fusion guitarist (two times published by Lion Music label) with a degree in Jazz guitar from music Academy "Licinio Refice" in Frosinone. During that period, he also studies Modern Drums,, always at "Sonoria", with "Maestro" Azeglio Izzizzari. After various years of practice and passion, he finally manages to enroll in the prestigious music Academy "Licinio Refice",  where he starts to study Jazz Guitar, a three year training, under "Maestro" Stefano Micarelli (famous italian jazz guitarist).

He played for various bands, the first being LED, (founded by young Enrico Mattei) at 15.  In 2012, he joins MADAMADORE', His works can be found already in two different productions: one with songwriter Leonardo Cretaro, with which he worked as phonic, composer and guitarist; the other, with "Quelli di Anarres", famous local Folk/Rock band, togheter with polistrumentist and friend Adamo Fratarcangeli. 

At the end of 2015 he played along with other two components of MADAMADORÉ (Francesco D'AversaAlessandro D'Aversa) with Marco Masini in Rome at the gathering of Masini's fans club.

2016 will be the release year of MADAMADORE''s album, "Il Viaggio", on which he actively worked, writing and recording the tracks.