Simone Diamanti


Simone Diamanti was born in Frosinone (Italy) on the 14th of July, 1989 .

He started his music journey when he was a teenager, choosing guitar as his musical instrument. At the age of 15 he started learning the acustic guitar by himself. 

After a while, he decided to follow an electric guitar course in a school close to his house (SONORIA - Massimo Izzizzari). A course that he followed for three years. A BEHRINGER guitar, the cheaper one, was anyhow the beginning of one of the best periods of his life. For a teenager without money, who only has the passion for the music, owning an electric guitar it's a dream that comes true. Full of the desire of overachieving, with a friend of him, founded his first musical band called "ARIES". With the latter, he began to play cover songs and ended up to record an album of unreleased songs, entitled "Il Pugile John". An unforgivable event for him, at the age of 16, was a Fender Telecaster Guitar as a present from his father. Since that, he made his two internet nicknames that he still uses nowadays: Simfender & Telecastersim. The break-up of "ARIES" in 2008, together with the changing of his life priorities, started a gray period for his music passion, untill 2010. Indeed, thanks to Enrico Mattei, in that year he met the MADAMADORÉ and when a position for a Guitarist was available, he entered into the band. Along the years he matured his musical background and persona, with Rock as his main genre. With PINK FLOYD at the base, he started a music journey that made him to discover a world of sonorities always new.

He still uses his Telecaster as his main guitar (maybe because is the only one he owns :D ).

2016 will be out the first MADAMADORÉ's album entitled "Il Viaggio" to whom he actively partecipated at the making.