Album - The Journey ( Il Viaggio )

Il Viaggio Album


If anyone told us that there is a ride that you begin no matter your will, in which your existence is the ticket, with no goals or place to be, we would call this person a fool. But it is a true story. Real as a woman’s kiss. Incredible as a thunder that lights the night. Recklessness becomes experience. Improvisation becomes rule. It all started with a promise. A promise of finding each other again, through fears and goodbyes. Against his destiny. Following the moon to seek the north, and with a heart full of madness. After all that has been, “back to see the stars again”. No more self-betrayal. The boy becomes the man. And after finding the courage where no courage was seen before, he took a deep deep breath. And then, he left.

  1. I will find myself ( Mi ritroverò )
  2. Scared? Maybe! ( Paura? Io? Forse! )
  3. Farewell ( Addio )
  4. The journey ( Il viaggio )
  5. I will fight my destiny ( Contro il mio destino )
  6. Howling at the moon ( Ululando alla luna )
  7. Pure madness ( Pura follia )
  8. I believed ( Resoconto )
  9. Back to see the stars again ( A riveder le stelle )


--- Special Thanks ---

Thanks... To our parents and friend who supported with patience all these years.

To all our women (the ones we had, the ones we have, and the ones we missed).

To Alexandre Scarsella, our band’s founding father and ad honorem member.

To Emiliano Leone, for the logo and the spiritual guidance.

To Danilo Raponi, Debora Camilli, Giovanni La Rosa and Francesco Marini for the friendly participation in the project.

Dedicated... To Bryan, may you always have the smile of the good times on your face. May you take life by the hand and play with it, with passion and enthusiasm. May you be happy, everywhere.

And to you that are reading. You that still believe in something. Who knows that true strength is going down and having the courage of standing up again, with all the time necessary. To the protagonist of this story.

To us. Enjoy the music.